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Welcome to Our New Website!

The Building is Completely Remodeled Too!

We're Ready for YOU
We're loaded with brand new washers with features that will impress you
like optional extra wash and rinse cycles


New Website !

Looks great on your desktop, mobile device or watch and will respond and adapt to your screens.

New Machines!

From small loads to huge loads, if you need to wash it, you can do it here

New Services !

Due to overwhelming demand - DRY CLEANING & SHIRT LAUNDRY is now here.

New Office Location !

Big, Bright and Professional


You Gotta See This - Come On In!

Charging Stations !

Charge your laptop, cell, watch, or tablet

New Seating Areas !

Bistro tables outside. Bar stools & bamboo topped tables inside.

Free Stuff !

We continue our policy of free soap, free Wi-Fi and now, free charging stations.

We Have it All!

Quickly Find What You're Looking For

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Oh yeah! Don't forget about our services!

Including some great FREE stuff

Personal Attention: Dry Cleaning, Shirt Laundry, Self Service Laundry, Fluff & Fold, Commercial Accounts

A COMPLETE Professional Laundry & Dry Cleaner
--- Commercial Accounts Are Available ---
Contact 'Lee' at 760-519-9492 or for more information

Clean QUOTES will make you SMILE !

Smile - Grin - Laugh - Chuckle - Giggle


The new 'Contact Map': Google in the background, form in the foreground.